Investor Relations


To implement one of GCG points, Alumindo has the commitment to carry out the social responsibility such as:

Environmental Sector
  • The usage of the Company’s by-product, aluminium ash, which has been re-processed, could enhance the production efficiency, and to minimize negative environmental impact.
  • The usage of the natural gas has been optimized in the casting and heating process, which is eco-friendly over other more polluting fossil fuel.
  • Handling production waste thoroughly in order to avoid contamination of the environment and reporting through UKL/UPL regularly.
  • Communication is carried out by establishing monitoring posts located atnearby resident’s homes as representativesfor environmental monitoring and public complaints related to the environment activities.
  • Periodic Control in the field is carried outfrom the monitoring posts or from the factory, and technical repairs / improvements in the factory area will be carried out whenever necessary

The certification held is a UKL-UPL document, Number: 13 / UKL-UPL / 2005.

Employment Sector
  • The Company provides equal opportunities in work assignments and responsibilities to all workers regardless of gender, and due to its nature as a heavy industry, more male workers aremore interested in working in the company than female workers.
  • Promoting work place safety by the use of personal protective equipment and providing relevant training on work safety to minimize accident.
  • Paying attention to the employee welfare by providing facilities to support their welfare and protection.
  • Providing the opportunities for internships to students from Indonesian vocational schools and universities.
  • The employee turnover rate has been 2.7% -3% on average.
  • Employee remuneration is given as compensation for the compensation for employees’ services in the form of salaries, annual bonuses, THR, gratuities and in kind.
  • Complaints on employment in the company can be made using a suggestion box and based on the principle of deliberation and consensus. Can be done by direct consultation by the parties concerned by being supervised by the Chairperson of Indonesian Worker’s Union (PUK SPSI).

Society and social development
Implementation of social awareness to the community is coordinated by the Group of the Company, to achieve a more focus implementation. These activities include:
  • Routine mass blood donors by engaging the staffs and employees
  • Social awareness by participating on donation to the society who were affected by the natural disaster.
  • Basic needs donation for the poor community on special days.
  • Having a positive impact to the economy of the inhabitant located surroundings the company, by their establishment of small informal businesses with Company’s employees as major customers.

The associated cost related to the Corporate Social Responsibility activities is approximately Rp988 million.

Product’s responsibility
Products sold by the company, which are appropriately used, does not lead to negative impact to health. There are 4 (four) types of products produced by the Company : aluminum sheet / coil, aluminum circle, aluminum roofing, and aluminum foil with the following description:
Aluminium Sheet / Coil
Aluminium sheet and sheet in coil are used in a vary areas. In the buildings and constructions, the products are used for ceiling, decorative lighting, curting walls, venetian blinds and roofing. In the transportation industries, the products are used for buses or trucks bodies, license plates, road signs and various automotive parts, such as heat exchanger / radiator unit. The products are also widely used in the electrical appliances such as lamp fitting, covers and reflectors.
Aluminium Circle
The aluminium circle is basically aluminium sheet, but in form of circle. It mainly used as material for cooking utensils, such as pots and pans.
Aluminium Embossed & Roofing
Aluminium embossed is primarily used as roofing, siding and surface decorations. For roofing it is extremely resistant to atmosphere with high corrosion level, hence it could reach about 20 years in dry rural environments. In marine and industrial environments aluminium roofings is much longer in service life than any other metal roofing and competitive in price. Aluminium embossed is available in various thickness from 0.15mm to 1.0 mm and the embossed patterns available are as follow: orange peel (stucco), fish skin, diamond and parallel lines.
Aluminium Foil
Aluminium foil has special features such as attractive luster, lightweight, moisture proof, contamination resistance, highly flexible and good conductor. Because of these, aluminium foil is primarily used as packaging, material wrapping, household foil and heat exchanger fin-stocks.
Aluminium foil is generally sold in rolls of various widths and thicknesses to converters which they further laminate with plastic or other supporting materials depending on the end usages. Some of the foil products end usages are cigarette packaging, pharmaceutical, food packaging, roofing insulation and fin-stocks as in heat exchanger unit.packaging. For construction industries, the main usage is for insulation.

The company realizes its commitment to product responsibility by maintaining product quality, continuity of supply and timeliness of delivery based on agreed contracts. The company provides access to customers to report complaints.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty
The company always strives to provide the best products and services to customers, to maintain the loyalty of its customers starting from the raw materials selection, production process, material storage, transportation, product delivery, to after-sales service. The company strived to deliver consistency in product quality in line with the contract, better shipments, receiving feedback and suggestions from its customers, and responding well to customer complaints.

Customer Complaints Handling
Customers are one of the Company’s strategic stakeholders, so the Company always endeavor to provide the best service to them. The Company provides customer access to submit complaints related to product quality and services provided.
Customers can submit complaints to to the Company directly to the marketing staff of the Company via telephone, email, fax, or direct visits to the Company's facilities. During 2018 there were complaints received, and the company had followed up on the complaints.

The number of claims received and handled properly
The category for claims for aluminum products is the presence of water stains or scratches, corrugated rolls, holes (pin holes), corrosion or joint breaks. The company had followed up on all the complaints.
Claim for sheet products
In 2018, the number of claims received by the Quality Control department for sheet products totaled to 0.3% of sales in 2018 where 13.1% of claims were accepted, 82.7% were rejectedand 4.2% were still under investigationat the end of 2018.
Claims for Foil products
For foil products, the number of claims received Quality Control department forfoil product is 0.7% of total sales in 2018. 44.8% of those claims were accepted, 50.2% were rejected and 5.0 % were still under investigation at the end of 2018.